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Residential Construction

Are smaller homes better?

In a world marked by growing environmental concerns, economic uncertainties, and increasing urbanization, the concept of smaller homes...

18 September 2023
Residential Construction

A General Contractor?
Why not!

Building a new home is a monumental endeavor, and nowhere is this truer than in the diverse and regulated environment of British Columbia.

14 August 2023
Building Design

Do Coach Houses work?

Coach houses, also known as laneway houses or granny flats, have gained attention as a potential solution to address housing affordability

25 July 2023
Energy Design

Wood vs. Concrete

The Benefits of Wood Frame Construction: A Sustainable and Efficient Housing Solution

16 Jun 2023
Building Design

Why hire a Building Designer vs Architect?

When it comes to designing a house in British Columbia, making the right choice in hiring a professional can significantly impact the outcome of your project

27 May 2023
Energy Design

Achieving Net Zero Energy Efficiency by 2032: Introducing the New BC Step Code

The urgent need to combat climate change has prompted governments and industries worldwide to pursue ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

05 Jun 2023
Best Design Practices

The Beneficial Role of Vapor Barriers when Utilizing Rigid or Spray Foam Insulation

Vapor barriers can play a crucial role in maximizing the effectiveness of insulation systems,

08 July 2023

West Coast Modernist vs. Traditional Design in Residential Architecture

West Coast Modern Design and West Coast Traditional Design are two distinct styles of residential architecture that have emerged and evolved on the West Coast of North America,

14 July 2023
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